The concept

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The aim of this platform is to improve patient safety. The Anesthesia Safety Network website is an online reporting tool. The main goal of this company is to share events among anesthesiology staff members. Our final goal is a better understanding of perioperative incidents including the impact of human factors in healthcare.

Recent studies demonstrated that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US (Martin A Makary et al, BMJ 2016 ; 353; i2139).

Although we cannot eliminate human error, it’s time to develop new strategies to achieve our goal : NO PREVENTABLE HAZARDOUS EVENTS

Based on the Just culture concept developed by Sidney DEKKER (Just Culture : Balancing Safety and Accountability Sidney Dekker, 2nd edition ; Ashgate 2012), we’ll collect data in order to find preventive or corrective actions through publication of newsletters.



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